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Break the Chains of Emotional Addiction! Find Freedom Today

Emotional addiction is a psychological, behavioral, or emotional reliance on a person, substance, or activity. This type of addiction differs from traditional addiction in that it does not involve a physical dependency, but instead interferes with a person’s mental and emotional health. People who become emotionally addicted often struggle with anger management and impulsivity as they are so used to not expressing emotion due to fear of rejection that they will react impulsively or aggressively when emotions do arise. They often have difficulty establishing boundaries too, making it very easy for people around them to take advantage.

Symptoms of Emotional Addiction

The symptoms of an emotional addiction include:

• An obsession with the individual involved in the relationship or the activity
• Feeling an intense need to be around the individual or participate in the activity
• Having obsessive thoughts about the individual or activity when apart
• Difficulty moving away from the situation despite wanting to do so
• Feelings of guilt or feelings that you can’t live without this relationship or activity
• Decreased self-esteem and motivation due to feeling tied down by your emotions towards this one particular thing/person.

Causes of Emotional Addiction

The root cause of Emotion addiction often varies depending on individual circumstances. Some contributing factors could include:

• Low self-esteem – Individuals suffering from low self-esteem tend to seek out relationships which make them feel validated or accepted—trapping them in an addictive cycle.
Previous trauma Those who have gone through traumatic experiences such as abuse, may lean towards one particular source for security and love to fill this void. These relationships may become over-reliant and obsessive if unresolved trauma is left untended.

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