A Guide to Insulin Pump Therapy For Type-2 Diabetes 

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Insulin pump therapy:

In simple terms, Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion commonly called the Insulin pump therapy (IPT) is a way to get insulin without shots for patients who are diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. They have been the alternatives to insulin injections and pens which are quite uncomfortable and not so handy therapy methods.

Insulin Pump Therapy
Insulin Pump Therapy

Therefore, most people are switching to insulin pump therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus. The first insulin pumps were developed in the late 1970s. They were refined in the 1990s when new technology made them smaller, safer, and easier to use.

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People have been making insulin pumps for a long time, and they keep making them better and better. The pumps help people with diabetes get the insulin they need, and they are getting smaller, safer, and easier to use.

What is an Insulin Pump?

An insulin pump is a machine that helps people with diabetes by giving them insulin at the proper time. Programmed to give you insulin all the time, even if you are sleeping. The machine gives more insulin when the person is about to eat. The insulin pump has a battery, an infusion pump, and an internal insulin reservoir.

It is linked by tubing to a small, thin tube (cannula) that goes under the skin, usually in the abdomen. The pump is worn discreetly and the cannula must be changed every 2-3 days to avoid skin irritation or infection. This helps to keep blood sugar levels steady. Before eating, the person using the pump can program it to give a larger dose of insulin, called a bolus dose.

This helps to cover the extra sugar that will be in the blood after eating. Therefore using an insulin pump therapy for Type-2 Diabetes stands out as compared to the various traditional methods like insulin syringes and pens.

One of the many pump options available to the type 2 diabetes community is the Insul by Agva. It is one of the best insulin pump therapy for Type 2 diabetes along with many more on the market. For those who are switching to insulin pump therapy, it is a new type of insulin delivery system that is very small, lightweight, and easy to use. 

It consists of two parts: a tubeless “pod” that is worn on the body, and a controller that is used to operate the system and check insulin levels. The system is designed to provide three days of non-stop insulin delivery, and it is controlled by a smartphone-like touch screen controller.

Understanding Type-2 Diabetes

Type-2 Diabetes
Type-2 Diabetes

What is Type-2 Diabetes? 

Our Pancreas is responsible for producing the insulin hormone. T2D is the stage when your body tissues become resistant to insulin and stop responding to the insulin as they used to. 

To overcome this resistance the pancreas works hard and produces more insulin that eventually raises the blood sugar level and the blood sugar becomes uncontrollable. Living with high blood pressure is life-threatening as it is the home to dangerous diseases like heart diseases, and loss of vision and even affects the kidneys. 

Early diagnosis of T2D will allow you to choose between the various medical methods of treatment like insulin-pump therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus or the typical usage of insulin pens or syringes.

How to know if you have Type-2 Diabetes?

Early diagnosis of type 2 diabetes helps the person control their blood sugar level and also helps them to get the treatment on an early basis to reduce the risk of various serious complications. 

A prediabetic person has a blood sugar level higher than the normal blood sugar level. Although doctors don’t consider this diabetes they do recommend getting treatment as prediabetes can turn into type 2 diabetes if not treated in time. 

Type 2 diabetes symptoms are mostly gradual and in the beginning, most people don’t realize that they have this disorder. To discover if you are type 2 diabetic you should consider visiting a general physician. They will test your urine and blood sugar level at different time intervals and will let you know if you have the disease.

Tests to do if you have Type-2 Diabetes?

The common tests one has to go through to understand whether they are Type-2 diabetic are as follows:

FPG – Fasting Plasma Glucose:  This particular test is done to measure blood sugar level at a single point in time, this means it will measure the blood sugar at the time of testing. You can drink any liquid that contains glucose/sugar and after an hour you can test the blood sugar level. Have the test done early in the morning after fasting for at least 8 hours, you can only have water while going for this test.

A1C – The various names for A1C tests are glycosylated hemoglobin test, HbA1C test, hemoglobin A1C test, and glycated hemoglobin test. This test measures the average blood glucose level from the past three months. Unlike the FPG you can normally eat or drink before taking this test.  Along with age, the doctor will examine if you have any symptoms or have anemia or any other blood-related issues. 

RPG – Random Plasma Glucose test: this test can be done without fasting overnight. The doctor will suggest this test if you have some diabetes-related symptoms in your body. 

Medications for T2D

You have to take doses of Insulin if your overall treatment is not able to keep up with the blood sugar levels.  Specially, if you have various heart diseases, and are overweight. Your doctor will suggest you take Metformin.

Your general physician will be recommending the required medications. You may have to take various other medicines if the metformin is not working properly. These are pioglitazone, alogliptin, linagliptin, glimepiride or gliclazide. You might be needing insulin pump therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus if your doctor recommends you to take insulin. 

An insulin pump therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus might decrease some major hassles that come with other therapies like insulin syringes or pens. Also, Insulin pump therapy clinically testified that they decrease the A1C much better as compared to the daily insulin injections.

Switching to an insulin pump therapy for Type-2 Diabetes mellitus has proven to be more beneficial as it’s easy to use, hassle-free provides insulin all day long, and is handier to the patients.

Benefits and Scope of using insulin-pump therapy for Type-2 Diabetes Mellitus


Benefits: A lot of people think that people with type 2 diabetes can’t or don’t use insulin pumps, but that’s not true! Insulin pumps can help people with type 2 diabetes manage their disease, especially if they have trouble meeting their blood sugar goals.

Insulin pump therapy is a more precise and flexible way to take insulin, with fewer injections. People with type 2 diabetes often use insulin pumps because they want better blood sugar control and a more flexible lifestyle. According to TCYD.

Insulin pump therapy for Type 2 diabetes is quite comfortable and provides insulin all day long.

Scope: Some people with diabetes use insulin pump therapy to help them manage their condition.  Although, national guidelines do not recommend their use as the primary treatment for this group.

There are different types of pumps that people can use to help them manage their diabetes. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. Some pumps are more complicated to use than others. This can be a problem for people with T2D who might not need all of the advanced features.

There are new technologies that can help make pumps for T2DM better, but they can be difficult to implement. Research is still going on whether the insulin pump therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus is beneficial or not. 

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Final Takeaway

See a doctor if you have symptoms of T2D. This is especially important if you have other risk factors for developing diabetes. Diagnose your diabetes early and treat it as soon as possible. This can save you from various major diseases.

It is important to have a support system that understands what you’re going through. Take your medications on time and exercise on time regularly. Make the most of the insulin pump therapy for type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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