Is Alzheimer’s Disease Actually a ‘Type 3 Diabetes’?

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Type 3 diabetes: Alzheimer’s disease 

Type3 DiabetesIs Alzheimer's Disease Actually a 'Type 3 Diabetes'?
Alzheimer’s disease

 Diabetes has become one of the serious diseases, that invites other related diseases as well. When the blood sugar levels get high, the chances of developing diabetes increase. Diabetes is more common in obese people and those with unhealthy lifestyles. According to some researchers, diabetes slowly starts affecting the other body organs due to which the diabetic patient acquires other harmful diseases easily. 

We have heard of two types of diabetes and their symptoms match. But do you know about type 3 diabetes whose symptoms match type 1 and type 2 diabetes? If not, let’s know about this in detail.

What is type 3 diabetes? 

Is Alzheimer's Disease Actually a 'Type 3 Diabetes'?
type 3 diabetes

Type 3 diabetes is Alzheimer’s disease. Till now, diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease were considered distinct. Some studies tell why Alzheimer’s disease should be considered as type 3 disease. 

it is based on a hypothesis, according to, Alzheimer’s disease occurs due to insulin resistance or chemical imbalances in the brain. diabetes is specifically used to describe a situation in which even the person with type 2 diabetes can be affected by Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Hence, it is believed that this condition occurs due to insulin resistance. However, there is a big reason why type 3 diabetes is not popular like its other types and is not fully accepted by the health community. 

The relation between Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes:

As already mentioned, there is a close relationship between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers believe that Alzheimer’s is nothing more than diabetes in your brain, which slowly diminishes memory. There is some clinical evidence backing this theory. Apart from this, this is a little investigation, since Alzheimer’s cases have not been found triggered due to insulin resistance. Similarly, there are no such cases of developing type 2 diabetes after having Alzheimer’s disease.  

Diabetes is a chemical imbalance in the brain that potentially triggers Alzheimer’s and dementia. The reason for this is that uncontrolled blood sugar levels can cause swelling that can harm the brain cells and becomes the reason for Alzheimer’s and dementia. Diabetes is said to be a major factor to cause vascular dementia that may cause Alzheimer’s. 

External source: View Pdf on WHO about Alzheimer Disease and other Dementias

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