Ayurveda recommends avoiding these three c’s if you are constipated

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Avoid These Three C’S If You Are Constipated:

Ayurveda recommends avoiding these three c’s if you are constipated
Ayurveda recommends avoiding these three c’s if you are constipated

Difficulty in passing stool can not only interfere with one’s daily schedule but also have a negative effect on health. (Ayurveda recommends avoiding these three c’s if you are constipated) The causes for the same can be many — from a sedentary lifestyle to consumption of unhealthy foods, stress, to even irregular sleep.

Though it is usually manageable, constipation — if chronic in nature — needs immediate medical attention.

As such, Dr Dixa Bhavsar, an Ayurvedic expert, shared a post on Instagram sharing the ‘3 C’s’ that one needs to avoid in case of constipation. “If you aren’t able to pass bowels daily, you should know something is wrong with your body,” she wrote.

1. Cumin

Cumin, in Ayurveda, is called jeeraka — derived from the word jeerna, meaning, digestion. So, jeeraka means ‘which digests’, she shared.

“It increases pitta (improves digestion), is laghu (light in digestion) but also rooksha (drying in nature) and grahi (one which absorbs). So, it’s wonderful for appetite, diarrhoea, IBS (Irritable bowel syndrome) but not for constipation,” she added.

“So use jeera for everything but not when you’re constipated,” she suggested.

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2. Curd

Curd improves taste, is hot in nature and also balances Vata (which contains elements like air and space, and manages all the movements in the mind and body). At the same time, it is ‘grahi’ which means it is absorbent in nature and heavy to digest — making it “incompatible for constipation.”

“So if you’re constipated, avoid curd until it’s relieved,” she wrote.

3. Caffeine

“We all believe that caffeine can stimulate the muscles in our digestive system and cause an easy bowel movement. But caffeine (especially excessive caffeine) also causes dehydration, which can give the opposite effect and lead to constipation. So if you’re constipated, avoid it or choose decaf,” she said.

She further said that one must “never begin” their day with tea/coffee whether you’re constipated or not. “Instead begin your day with warm water or 1 tbsp of cow ghee, especially if you’re constipated,” said the expert.

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This article is taken from Indian Express.

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