Do your nipples look healthy? Here’s what you need to know

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Do your nipples look healthy?

Everybody is different and as such, the nipples on every person may look different, too. While mainstream media may want you to believe in a certain definition of beauty, the reality is far from it.

In fact, no one understands your body better than you. So, if you are wondering if your nipples look ‘normal’, Dr Tanaya, aka Dr Cuterus, breaks down the anatomy on Instagram, explaining when you should and should not be alarmed, and what warrants a doctor visit.

Nipples look healthy
Nipples look healthy

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There are different variations in nipples — they can be flat or inverted (pointing inwards and not outwards), she says. While pop culture makes us believe that all ‘normal’ nipples jut out and look a certain way, all of the other variations are ‘normal’, too.

“Nipples come in all shapes, sizes and colours,” the doctor explains, adding that all variations are normal, as long as they have always been like this, and have not started to change suddenly.

If your nipples suddenly change their appearance, in terms of shape, size and colour, you must visit a doctor for it can be a “dangerous sign”, possibly signalling breast cancer.

It is always a good idea to go for regular health check-ups, but knowing how your body looks and behaves can make you feel less anxious.

Hope this information helps!

This article is taken from Indian Express.

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