AGM vs CGM: Its Meaning, Difference, and Analysis

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Which Glucose Monitoring System is Right for You? AGM vs CGM

Wondering whether to go for CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) or not. Is it a safe technique? What is it all about? How to use it? What are its side effects? Is it really helpful and monitors sugar levels correctly? Understand the Difference Between AGM and CGM with Our Helpful Guide.

Difference Between AGM and CGM
Difference Between AGM and CGM

If you have diabetes, it means that your body has trouble regulating blood sugar levels. People with Type 1 diabetes don’t produce enough of the hormone insulin, and people with Type 2 diabetes don’t use insulin effectively. People with diabetes need to give themselves insulin regularly to keep blood sugar levels from getting too high or too low. 

This will help you see what affects your blood sugar levels, such as what you eat, your medicine, or physical activity. With this information, you can work with your health care team to make the best decisions for your care plan. This can help prevent diabetes complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and amputation. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can keep a written daily record. 

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Normal Blood Sugar Levels:

The American Diabetes Association suggests that people with diabetes keep their blood sugar levels before meals in the range of 80-130 mg/dl. It is suggested that after one to two hours of eating their meals, levels should be under 180. In people without diabetes, insulin helps to keep sugar levels in the blood normal. However, in people with diabetes, the insulin function is damaged, so it’s important to eat healthy foods, exercise, and take medications or herbs to help reduce stress.

Understanding blood glucose monitoring?

There are two ways to monitor blood sugar levels: self-monitoring and assisted monitoring. With self-monitoring, you test your own blood sugar levels and give yourself insulin injections. With assisted monitoring, someone else helps you with the testing and injections. People with diabetes often have to check their blood sugar levels and give themselves insulin shots.

What is a CGM: Understanding its working

A glucose meter is a tool that helps you keep track of your blood sugar levels. A continuous glucose monitor is a device that helps you track your blood sugar levels more closely. It automatically collects readings every 5 to 15 minutes. This can help you and your doctor see patterns in your blood sugar levels and find ways to better manage your diabetes. It has FDA approval and is beneficial in diabetes management. Continuous Glucose Monitoring measures a person’s diabetes 24 hours a day. For this to happen you have to wear it all day long. 

A continuous Glucose Monitor is a way to measure how much sugar is in your body. There are different ways to do this, but all of them use tiny sensors. The sensors can be placed under your skin in a quick and painless way, or they can be stuck to your arm. Once the sensor is in place, it sends information to a wireless monitor that you can clip to your belt. The monitor will display the  sugar levels at 1-, 5-, 10-, or 15- minute intervals. 

The CGM Pricing:

When it comes to the pricing of CGM it costs around ₹5,500 to the reader and also has a recurring cost of ₹5,000 that the person has to pay every three months. The CGM system provides continuous readings and analyses straight for 14 days including sugar levels considering the diets and various exercises. 

AgVa Glucose Monitoring: What is the hype all about?

AgVa Glucose Monitoring
AgVa Glucose Monitoring

People with diabetes understand the importance of continuous glucose monitoring. Blood sugar levels need to be monitored carefully in people with diabetes. This frequent blood sugar monitoring is done by using a glucometer. It is a device that measures the amount of glucose in the blood, and strips, which are strips of paper that change color when they come in contact with sugar. Glucose monitoring is a way of checking the level of sugar in your blood. This is important for people with diabetes because they need to keep their blood sugar levels under control. 

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But it is not affordable for every person with diabetes to go with the high-priced continuous glucose monitoring practices. This might cost them a lot of money that they might not be able to pay. Taking this situation into consideration AgVa healthcare has manufactured a low price glucose monitoring meter. Agva Glucose Monitoring is the ultimate solution for all the people who are not able to spend a lot of money on these techniques but also need these practices on an urgent basis. 

What is AGM:

AgVa’s Insulin pump has a built-in glucometer that shows the reading on the pump itself and offers options to calculate basal and bolus doses based on the reading. To take a blood glucose reading, the user inserts the strip into the glucometer and applies a drop of blood using the lancet needle to prick the finger. AgVa Healthcare provides AgVa glucose monitoring strips, which are the most affordable strips in the world.

The AGM pricing:

As mentioned above Agva healthcare takes care of the underprivileged section of India by providing them with low-cost products for diabetes treatments. Likewise, AgVa glucose monitoring practices have strips which are special strips used to test blood sugar levels. They are special because they cost Rs 2 per strip, so if you need to test your blood sugar three times a day, it will only cost Rs 6 per day. AgVa strips are used to check blood sugar levels. AgVa strips are strips of paper that you use to test your blood sugar levels. 

AGM vs CGM: Is AGM better than CGM?

Benefits of using CGM:

A Continuous Glucose Monitoring system is a device that helps people with diabetes manage their condition. Previously the doctors could see the readings on Continuous Glucose Monitoring systems. But now, anyone can work and use it even in the comfort of their homes. One can easily download the data onto their computers, tablets, or even on their smartphones and can see the various patterns and changes in the sugar levels. After getting all this information your doctor will be able to analyze the various things they should consider changing in your Continuous Glucose Monitor practices like:

  • The amount of insulin you should take.
  • Daily activities to do and a list of exercises that could make a change.
  • Getting the right meal plan for you that has a defined number of meal plans.
  • Right medications and the correct number of doses.

Benefits of using AGM:

Along with being super affordable to every person in need AgVa Glucose monitoring is easy to use as well. A person needs not to be super tech-savvy to understand the AGM working. It is quite easy to understand how it works. AGM has an integrated glucometer inside the pump which makes it super convenient to use. It is tested and is suitable for people on insulin pump therapy.

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1) Which is an affordable AGM or CGM?

Ans. AGM is much more affordable as compared to CGM. The overall cost for AGM is as low as Rs 6 per day whereas other methods cost around Rs 30 per day.

2) Who qualifies for continuous glucose monitoring?

Ans. Those who have type 1 diabetes T1D and require regular fingerstick blood glucose tests qualify for continuous glucose monitoring.

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