How to make sleeping with an insulin pump easier?

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Insulin pump sleeping tips

People with diabetes are always looking for various ways to sleep with an insulin pump. An insulin pump is no doubt a lifesaver. A pump can prevent problems such as very low blood sugar. Diabetes patients can manage their disease with an insulin pump instead of daily injections. They can eat, sleep, and exercise whenever they like with the help of pumps.

A good night's sleep with an Insulin pump
A good night’s sleep with an Insulin pump

However, it takes some getting used to using an insulin pump.

  • For some pumps, you may have to tell your pump to deliver a bolus to cover the carbohydrate in your meal. Your diabetes team will help you calculate your bolus dose. Calculators are available on some pumps to help you with this.
  • There are insulin pumps that keep insulin dosage records for you. Computers allow you to upload your records. Glucose monitors can communicate with some pumps. In addition to saving insulin dose information, they can also store blood sugar levels over time.

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It is true that many people are unsure of the ways to sleep with an insulin pump. Some people put it in their pockets. Some people hang it around their neck, and some people attach it to their belts. Be creative and find a way that works for you! No matter what time it is, you always need to think about where to put your pump. With the help of this guide, we aim to answer some of the most common questions people have about sleeping with an insulin pump.

Do you need to worry if you fall asleep or roll onto your pump? 

Whenever you put on your insulin pump for the first time, it is common for you to be anxious about what will happen. Rolling onto the pump won’t damage it. The discomfort of rolling onto the infusion site may cause you to notice it, but your body will usually naturally turn again once it is uncomfortable. Below we have mentioned the best ways to sleep with an insulin pump. Make life with an Insulin pump easier for you.

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Choosing where to wear the pump: 10 ways to sleep with an Insulin Pump

If you have a diabetes pump, you need to think about where to keep it so you can always have it with you. It is important to keep the pump close by, which is sometimes a challenge for diabetic patients. There are some creative ways to sleep with an insulin pump, such as attaching it to a belt or wearing it in a pocket. Here are some ideas that other people have used to keep their pumps close by.

ways to sleep with an Insulin Pump
ways to sleep with an Insulin Pump

1.  You can clip the pump to your underwear or PJs: One of the most common ways to sleep with an insulin pump is by clipping the device to your clothes. For example, you can clip it to the waistband of your pyjamas. If you don’t wear pyjamas, you can clip the pump to your undergarment and tuck the tubing inside your underwear. If you prefer wearing a nightgown, choose one with a V-neck collar so you can clip the pump to the front.

2. Wear a belt that contains an Insulin pump: A belt pouch is a popular accessory for people with diabetes all over. No matter what time of day it is, the belt is a no-hassle option that you can rely on night after night. Depending on your infusion set, most belts have multiple pockets, so you can place the pump wherever you find most convenient.

3. With pockets, you can sleep comfortably with an Insulin Pump: A T-shirt with a breast pocket turned inside out can be used as a holder for a pump. A key pocket on exercise pants or shorts is another great option. This will keep it from falling out at night.

4. Create a pouch by sewing: If you don’t have pockets, you can still keep your pump with you. Just cut a piece of material to the size of the pump and sew it onto your pajamas. This way, you won’t have to worry about losing your pump during the night.

5. Use a Clip: The best way to sleep with an insulin pump in place is to clip it to your clothes. You can clip it to your sleep bra, underwear, shorts, or shirt. If you want to make sure the clip doesn’t come off, you can clip it to the inside of your clothing. Wearing the clip on the pump on the bra is the preferred location for many, but it does not work for every garment, but thankfully, there are some alternatives. Ladies: If you are comfortable wearing your bra at sleep, it may be a good place to keep the pump clipped to day or night. Wear a t-shirt that has a chest pocket for you to slip the pump into – turning your T-shirt inside out is the best advice. For women who choose to wear a nightgown, opt for one with V-neck collars to allow for securing your pump in front.

6. Put the pump under your pillow: It’s safe to sleep with your insulin pump under your pillow, as long as you don’t move around too much during the night. A body pillow is also an option for placing your pump under. This is a good option for people who don’t move around a lot during the night.

7. The V-neck night suit: Some folks opt for nightgowns that have buttons or V-neck collars, where you can attach a pump on the front of your nightgown. If you use the pump clip rather than the holster, it is lighter. It is also close enough that you can listen for any alarms, or adjust your temporary basal rate, if necessary, in the middle of the night.

8. Any stuffed animal toy: We’ve heard from some sewists who made a little animal-shaped pouch for their children. It was to sleep to “guard” their insulin pumps.

9. Wear workout shorts: With workout or running shorts, you will be able to carry both your cell phone and your insulin pump in a hidden pocket on the back. This kind of shorts also provides hidden pockets within the concealed compression shorts – ideal for cell phones, cash, or insulin pumps. Using the elastic of shorts or underwear also keeps your pump snug against your body to prevent it from moving around.

10. For the back sleeper: If you sleep on your back, place the insulin pump to the side of your nightshirt or underwear. If it is not working, try sleeping with your pump on your bed. Do not worry about where your pump might end up.

Best ways to sleep with an Insulin Pump

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A guide to choosing an insulin pump!

Choosing which insulin pump to use can actually be harder than deciding to switch to one. It may be helpful to follow these steps.

1. Consult your doctor. You can ask members of your diabetes team which pumps they recommend. See if your insurance covers pump brands. Do your research.

2. Learn more about the pumps that interest you. Each insulin pump company offers a slightly different pump. Companies can send you information if you ask. Several insulin pump companies also have websites where you can find information about their products. Many hospitals hold open houses where pump makers can show their products and explain how they work.

To Sum Up,

Insulin pumps are becoming increasingly popular among people with diabetes. They allow us to monitor our blood sugar levels throughout the day and night. However, they are not without their drawbacks. One of these is that they are bulky and hard to conceal. This means that if you have a tendency to move around at night, you may find yourself waking up. It can be multiple times throughout the night due to discomfort from the pump. We have shared the best ways to sleep with an insulin pump easily and never miss any dosages. You can also check out the INSUL by AgVa which is super handy to carry around.

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